Our Services

Comprehensive IT consulting; and not only ...

Virtualization services

Server virtualization. Transfer of existing computer data to virtual environment and full customer integration. Comprehensive help with virtual licensing issues.

Data Security Audit

Atliekamas įmonės/įstaigos duomenų saugumo auditas (remiantis GDPR). Teikiamos rekomendacijos optimizavimui, saugos lygio padidinimui.

Data Vaults

We have advanced data storage solutions and offer synchronized working folders. Backup repositories. Solutions for home (private cloud) and business (enterprise cloud).

IT maintenance

Maintenance and repair of company/office servers, computers and network equipment. Prevention and modernization work. Data recovery, remote repair services.


We represent some of the world's most famous IT manufacturers: HP, Lenovo, Dell, Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Kingston, Corsair, Plextor, Microsoft, ESET, D-Link, Ubiquiti, etc.

Specialized solutions

Receipt and repair of non-standard equipment. Diagnosis of specialized computers and supply of spare parts. Design and implementation of exotic IT solutions.

Supply of military products

We supply equipment to the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Military short-range, long-range, ultra-high frequency antennas and components.

Crypto and Mining

We consult on the acquisition and trading of Cryptocurrencies. Rig equipment assembly. We are providing crypt farm maintenance and modernization services.

EU projects

UAB „Update LT“ įgyvendina projektą, kurio metu siekia integruoti išorinius bei automatizuoti vidinius veiklos procesus, kuriant ir diegiant inovatyvius e. komercijos modelius.

 Apie įmonę

About us

"Update LT" company was founded in 2009. Since then, we have been striving for a long-term partnership based on professional, timely IT assistance and listening to our client's needs. The vision is to become an information technology company whose services would become a quality benchmark for our partners and the desired level of service for customers.

TeamViewer and AnyDesk applications allows us to connect to a server, computer, and mobile device remotely at any time.